Current KVBB-LP Underwriters include:

Big Bear Escapes

Big Bear Paint

Blue Horizon

Chicago Hot Dogs

Convention Center at Big Bear Lake

Emerald Energy

Get the Burger

Gold Rush Resort Rentals
Programming this hour is brought to you in part through underwriting provided by Gold Rush Resort Rentals. Thinking about hiring a property management company for your vacation rental? Hiring a qualified property manager helps ensure your investment and your guests are in good hands. Gold Rush Resort Rentals in Big Bear is looking for a few good owners to join the family. They offer a turn-key proposition where they take care of everything from marketing and reservations to housekeeping, guest service billing, and collections while providing maintenance for your Big Bear home. The Website is www.BigBearRentalscabins.com. The Telephone number is 866-372-2246.

Himalayan Restaurant

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters

Maggios Italian Restaurant

Mill Creek Outpost Antiques

Mountain Bar & Grill
Programming this hour is brought to you in part through underwriting provided by Mountain Bar & Grill. This eatery is truly a diner’s delight. The grill offers breakfast, lunch & dinner with homemade American and Mexican food. Mountain Bar & Grill is a very popular Big Bear watering hole with full bar. The address is 42164 Moonridge Way in Big Bear Lake. The telephone is (909) 866-2606.

The Furniture Store of Big Bear

The UPS Store

Wings Jewelery
Programming this hour is brought to you through underwriting provided by Wings Jewelry and Gifts. Wings Jewelry offers quality jewelry to down to earth people. They are located at 625 Pine Knot Avenue, right in the heart of the Big Bear Lake Village. The telephone is 909-866-6300. Wings is on the web at www.wingsjewelryandgifts.com.



Underwriting Guidelines

These guidelines help the station serve the audience in a manner which is pleasing to listen to while providing adequate financial stability to keep the radio station on the air.

  • Retain the non-commercial nature of the broadcast as required by the FCC. In addition to providing music, present features and programs of interest to the various communities.
  • Keep the audience tuned in during breaks while they wait to hear music and/or news and information.
  • The underwriting support is really a partnership between the LPFM station and local business or organizations. Jointly they underline the value of community service and quality programming. In keeping with FCC guidelines, an announcement must identify the underwriter, but may not promote its services, products or various facilities. There can be no call-to-action. The underwriters’ views about various issues may not be expressed within the announcement. It may not support or oppose any political candidate for any office. The normal flow of station programming may not be interrupted for ‘special announcements’ as the station strives to maintain consistency of music and all features.

Here are some restrictions as to what can be said:

  • Any reference to value or price.
  • A call-to-action, i.e., “come to our store”, etc.
  • Language which may be subjective such as “the leading car dealer”, etc.
  • Any comparative language such as “we are the best”
  • No inducement to rent or lease, or sell or buy.

Underwriting Announcements may say or do the following:

  • Reflect a web address, telephone number and an address for a business/organization.
  • Describe a business or organization or agency.
  • Include a Corporate slogan provided it isn’t overly promotional.
  • Tell the number of years your business, organization or agency has served.
  • Describe the underwriters Company or Corporate objective.
  • Identify products, lines, services, facilities (limit of about 3 each announcement).
  • List the various Community events/services which are supported.

Length of an Announcement

Underwriting announcements are not to exceed 30 seconds.

Casinos, Lotteries pay to win

Underwriting by these as gambling activity or lotteries or any activity which violate State and/or Federal statutes is not permitted.

Legal Alcoholic Beverages

Underwriting by distributors or processors of alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits, including wine, are permitted provided there is no exclusion by any State or Federal statute. However, announcements may not describe products and must be written and presented in a prudent manner.

Religious Entities, Affiliated Organizations

Religious groups, churches and/or affiliated groups may provide underwriting. Care must be exercised in that not all beliefs are shared by everyone and any view should be presented in a moderating and non-provoking manner.

Underwriting messages and program content should be presented (admittedly subjective) in a way that would not be unacceptable to those who may not necessarily share those views. A language which is proselytizing or which creates distinctions between different religions is not permitted.


Governments, Governmental Agencies or Branches

Underwriting by politically driven or policy-oriented governments, or by individuals employed by governments, will not be accepted. However, underwriting by government funded organizations and/or agencies which promote public education, tourism or commerce will be accepted.


Groups of Advocacy

Under certain circumstances and under appropriate conditions, underwriting may be accepted.

This will be reviewed on a case by case basis with a test of a ‘reasonable listener standard’ applied.

This is presumed to be an activity by an organization or group which seeks to influence elements of public concern either by or through the legislative process. Announcements expressing an opinion on publicly known controversial matters may be rejected.

Final Editorial Control and Responsibility

This radio station, acting in respect of the terms of its license, maintains and actuates final editorial control over all programming and is likewise held accountable by the FCC.

Every effort will be made to conform to existing FCC guidelines. For more information, go to the web at www.fcc.gov.