KVBB commits to talking about the Big Bear community

Big Bear talk radio on KVBB 94.5 FM in Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Talk Radio, radio in Big Bear Lake, CA

Big Bear talk radio, ‘What’s Your Beef?’ airs at 8 a.m. Wed. & Sat. mornings

The Big Bear talk radio show tackles any topic
of interest for the Big Bear community

A Big Bear talk radio show highlighting the Big Bear community is must have for KVBB 94.5 FM, The Voice of Big Bear, in Big Bear Lake, a four season resort in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California.

“A show about local issues is something a locally-involved, community radio station has to develop and broadcast,” said John Phane, KVBB FM station manager and co-host of “The Voice.” The show is a community talk show he broadcasts with co-host Eric Schwartz at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. “KVBB is the only place for daily live local news and the talk show, we also call the show, ‘What’s Your Beef,’ is an expansion of our desire to serve the Big Bear community.”

Phane and Schwartz tackle any subject that’s currently buzzing the Big Bear area during the hour long Big Bear talk radio show.

“We talk about what to do in Big Bear, where to play in Big Bear, where to shop in Big Bear and where to stay in Big Bear,” Phane said. “We don’t care if it’s about Big Bear lodging, the new Big Bear Tourist Business Improvement District, the Big Bear Fire Department, the Big Bear City Council, fishing in Big Bear Lake, becoming a Big Bear second-home owner, of if you’re a business owner struggling or succeeding in the Big Bear economy. We talk about it.”

Phane says the show is scheduled for the morning because that’s one of the station’s peak times for listeners.

“Folks are up, getting kids to school, driving to work, going on errands, it’s one of the times a lot of Big Bear is up and moving and listening to the radio, so it’s the perfect time for a Big Bear talk radio show,” Phane said.

The show is an hour long; however, Phane’s program’s main selling point will be that it’s the only radio show in the Big Bear Valley that constantly takes on local issues, like the traffic during major snow days, the level of the lake, customer service in Big Bear shops and local politicians.

“We talk about national issues, but our primary emphasis will always be local. If you want to talk about the Big Bear tourists and the problems associated with them, that’s the kind of thing we’re going to talk about.”

Regardless of its slat, any talk show has to first be entertaining if it’s going to attract listeners, Phane said.

“I think a talk show needs to have some humor, and it should poke fun at itself and at the issues once in awhile,” said Phane. “You can’t give people serious news all of the time. They don’t want to hear that.”

“It’s good to have a place where people can talk about local issues, exchange ideas and disagree,” said Phane. “The Big Bear Valley with has become a diverse community with a lot of different opinions. I think the most interesting part of the new format will be listening to people disagree.”

The radio station has a Website, www.KVBB945.com that bristles with local news and information about Big Bear. The station also supports www.BigBear.net, the Big Bear Travel Authority, with its links to most of Big Bear’s top businesses and events, and BigBearDotNet, the premiere Big Bear APP, now available on iTunes and Google Play.

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Big Bear talk radio on KVBB 94.5 FM in Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Talk Radio, radio in Big Bear Lake, CA

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