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KVBB 94.5 FM Big Bear Lake - The Voice of Big Bear KVBB 94.5 FM Big Bear Lake – The Voice of Big Bear is Big Bear’s most popular radio station. KVBB 94.5 Big Bear Lake features Big Bear news at the top or the hour and weather, road conditions and more at the bottom of the hour. The Website with the most up-to-date local news is Learn more about KVBB 94.5 FM Big Bear Lake – The Voice of Big Bear on the official Big Bear Travel Authority Website,

Use or BigBearDotNet mobile APP when planning Big Bear vacation stay
Use or BigBearDotNet mobile APP when planning Big Bear vacation stay

Big Bear Lake open for summer

Use or BigBearDotNet mobile APP when planning Big Bear vacation stay…

When searching the wonderful information available on, you’ll soon discover that soaring high above smog, gridlocked traffic and the stress of city living, only 90 minutes from the heart of Los Angeles, Big Bear Lake is the perfect four-season vacation getaway locality. Preplan your visit to truly enjoy the wonder that Big Bear offers, and to do this, visit—the Official Big Bear Travel Authority.

It’s simple to travel to Big Bear. From Los Angeles, go east, young, old, in between or ancient woman or man for less than 100 miles and you will arrive at the cerulean jewel that tops the crown of the San Bernardino Mountains: Big Bear Lake. But where to stay, what to do, where to dine and for goodness sake is there decent shopping?—the Official Big Bear Travel Authority puts all the information you need to need about staying in Big Bear Lake at your fingertips. On your computer, just type in and the area’s concierge Website glows with a virtual cascade of insider info about Southern California’s premiere vacation area. There is also a mobile APP, BigBearDotNet, currently available on iTunes and Google Play.

Using the Official Big Bear Travel Authority, either or the APP, BigBearDotNet, makes is child’s play, and I mean that, your kids can most likely find and use the Website and APP with more ease, to use.

Just tap on the icon that represents the information you seek—lodging, dining, shopping, events, activities—whatever, and that information jumps off the screen for your use.

For example, use—the Official Big Bear Travel Authority, to find just the most perfect lodging for you and your family or friends and then just hit the contact information and book your getaway directly without paying the high fees associated with commercial travel Websites. Place dinner reservation, read review and virtually travel the Valley before you actually set foot in the Big Bear Valley. and BigBearDotNet, the mobile APP, are part of the Voice Network of information available about Big Bear. The Voice Network also offers a monthly all-gloss magazine and broadcasts an FM radio station.

The Voice Magazine

The glossy, four-color magazine is designed to attract the attention of anyone wishing to learn about Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear and the other communities of the San Bernardino Mountains. If they want to eat, shop, stay or play in Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear, folks pick up The Voice. The Voice is a monthly publication. Read it online before leaving for your vacation. The complete magazine is online at

KVBB 94.5 FM

KVBB 94.5 FM, The Voice of Big Bear, reaches directly into the homes, vehicles, offices and computers and other devices of potential listeners. We broadcast a classic rock format with progressive country and the songs of today. Additionally, we stream the station around the clock and it can be heard at There is a player at the top of the page and many office workers listen daily. It’s the perfect way to attract proven mountain visitors to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

So, use—the Official Big Bear Travel Authority to plan your perfect Big Bear stay, and we’ll see you in Big Bear!

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