Shop for winter garb, equipment at the Hummingbird Project

Hummingbird Project

Enjoying Big Bear Valley in winter, whether you’re a day tripper, vacationer or resident, you’re going to find yourself in need of the right garb in which to sally forth when enjoying snow play, snowboarding or skiing or just taking a walk. How about instead of spending your hard-earned farthings at a high-priced boutique, you purchase gently-owned clothing and equipment, save your ducats for libations or other forms of fun and help others at the same time?


You should shop at The Hummingbird Project’s Thrift Shop in Big Bear City. The store is at 400 West Big Bear Boulevard in Big Bear City. The telephone is (909) 584-8642. Find them on Facebook..

The Hummingbird Project helps people by providing back to school supplies, haircuts, shoes and school break and after school recreation activities to low-to-moderate children. Hummingbird also collaborates with other community groups, i.e. Doves, school district, churches, etc. with free clothing by referral, referrals to other agencies, etc.

During the holiday season Hummingbird provides Thanksgiving baskets to families with children and at Christmas provides gift certificates to families for clothing.

Hummingbird also provides a scholarship to a graduating Big Bear senior.

The mission statement is to provide low cost clothing to children from new born up to 18 years of age. To provide education services and to help parents to become economically self-sufficient. To provide school supplies to school age children and to provide referrals for housing, food, employment and other social services to parents. To provide miscellaneous services to parents and children to help them live a drug free life.

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