Have a safe Big Bear holiday – name a designated driver when partying | Use a designated driver in Big Bear



At this time of the year, Driving Under the Influence related accidents are at a high level due to the extremely dangerous occurrence of drinking alcohol at a holiday party or gathering and then getting behind the wheel.

The Breakthrough Task Force strongly encourages individuals to celebrate safely, never drink and drive, and plan ahead before drinking alcohol. It is important for individuals to prepare for a safe way home and can do so by utilizing the Big Bear Designated Driver Program.

When out for the night, the Designated Driver should identify themselves as the “Designated Driver” to their server  and hey will be given a BBDDP wristband to wear for the night to show they will not be consuming alcohol.

The Designated Driver might also be provided with perks while at the establishment, such as free nonalcoholic refreshments or discounted appetizers. Once the celebrating has ended, the Designated Driver will safely and responsibly drive their friends and family home, without breaking any laws and most importantly without putting any lives at risk by allowing intoxicated drivers on the road.

The Designated Driver can then take their BBDDP wristband to participating businesses and establishments in Big Bear Valley to receive a discount within the next days, weeks, or months. There is no expiration date; they can use the wristband whenever it is convenient for them.

The Breakthrough Task Force appreciates wishes everyone a safe Holiday season. Celebrate with a Designated Driver.

For more information about the BBDDP, call Elisa Ellis at Big Bear Prevention of Rim Family Services at (909) 366-0545, or check out the program on Facebook.

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