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Find great American hamburger at Get the Burger

For many, enjoying a good meal is a vacation highlight. There’s nothing better when sojourning in unexplored territory than the discovery of a new and exciting eatery and coming away surprised and satiated.

A perfect illustration of this is that one favorite vacationing pastime is engaging in the ever-elusive hunt for the as yet—for many—undiscovered great American hamburger. When on the road, we gleefully skip from restaurant to restaurant indulging in this gastronomical expedition. In Big Bear, the pot of gold at the end of this proverbial rainbow may be the opportunity to dine at Get The Burger.

The bistro is proudly perched upon a small hillside in the middle of the Big Bear Valley, beckoning, with its bright colors and flapping flags, to streaming travelers on the hectic highway below to stop in, relax and delight in its offerings.

Owners Lynn and Eric Schwartz have created an ode to the long-gone time of the extremely popular television program “Happy Days” with the interior decoration. With its soda shop stools, counter and booths, to the brightly-colored murals covering the walls, one almost expects that Fonz to enter, bang the jukebox with the side of his fist to start a song, and, as he pulls a comb from the back pocket of his rolled jeans, discover his hair is perfect and utter the catch phrase, “aaaaay.”

Shakes and malts are created with real ice cream and the Hollywood homage continues with the menu. You order a “Leading Man” or “Leading Lady,” a “Producer” or “Starving Actor,” and the list goes on and on. At Get The Burger you definitely “have it your way” when ordering, making sure the meal is prepared to your particular, discriminating taste.

However, make no mistake. This is not a fast food joint. If you’re in a hurry, it might be better to continue on down the road until you spot golden arches or a crown. The burgers are not waiting for their forever friends under the wilting rays of a gleaming heat lamp; they are created from scratch once your order is received by the chef. At Get The Burger there’s no rush to have you in and out. Lynn and Eric want you to sit, relax and enjoy rather than undergo the torturous “stuff and go” experience embraced by fast-food.

At meal time, point your hunger expedition toward the corner of Fox Farm Road and Big Bear Boulevard in the city of Big Bear Lake. Get The Burger is at 42151 Big Bear Boulevard. The telephone is (909) 866-8800, and Get The Burger is on the Web at

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