Enjoy Snow Summit torchlight parade New Year’s Eve

Snow Summit Torchlight parade

In a mesmerizing extravaganza of fire and ice, physical prowess and spectacle, the annual opening ceremony of a Big Bear Lake New Year’s Eve is the Snow Summit Ski Resort Torchlight Parade. Leaving in their wake a fiery procession casting radiant ruby against an alabaster background viewable from almost anywhere in the Valley, hundreds of skiers and snowboarders carrying blazing fire sticks careen down the slopes of the Snow Summit Ski Resort dazzling spectators with what many say appears to be a sizzling serpent arrogantly snaking its way from peak to base down the mountain.

The salutation, a fond remembrance to Father Time and a resounding welcome to Baby Time, takes place this year between 7 and 8 p.m. on Sunday, December 31.

Following the parade, the ski resort is host to a VIP party with carnival performers, kids’ activities, live entertainment and much more. For more information on the New Year’s Eve being hosted by the Bear Mountain Ski Resorts, visit www.bigbearmountainresorts.com.

That pageant also announces that Big Bear is open and ready to party. Make no mistake, while Big Bear appears a quaint mountain village filled with all the right notes of holiday Americana during the day, when the sun goes down the Village puts on its party hat and plays hard well after the celebratory toast is offered and kisses are shared.

There are many world-class eateries offering special holiday fare, and nightlife can literally be found on almost every street and corner. Bands play long into the New Year, horns sound and the lilt of laughter and song saturates the heavens.

For the family, the Convention Center at Big Bear Lake, (www.bigbearevents.com), offers a party where the kids are welcome. There will be live music, dancing, and Wyatt’s Grill & Saloon, the in-house restaurant, serves up great ranch-style grub. Doors open at 5 p.m. and there are children’s activities and complimentary shuttle rides home. For information, call (909) 585-3000.


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