Big Bear Lake Fishing Association fishing for donations


Big Bear Lake fishing now has an advocate working to enhance spot fishing through more frequent fish stocking, increased numbers of tournaments, sport fishing shows and much more. A group of more than 25 interested persons recently gathered and elected an interim board for the now newly-created Big Bear Lake Fishing Association.

The interim board, consisting of John Cantrell, Susan Mraz Tuttle, Steve Raphael, Terry Snell, Mike Marzell, Trish Marzell and Aaron Armstrong, will now work to complete  the soon-to-be-established nonprofit association’s mission statement, to create by-laws and determine the date for the election of the board of directors/officers. The interim board will also establish committees, volunteers, and establish basic membership fees. Association meeting times will be established and announced soon.

For now, the BBLFA is fishing for donations.

The association has received startup monies from Cantrell Guide Service, Chuang Dynasty, The Boathouse, Holloway’s Marina, Big Bear Charter Fishing, Big Bear Cool Cabins, Big Bear Hostel, Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating, Resort Town Rentals,  Destination Big Bear and Lodging Association.

Bob Poole and the Lodging Association have generously offered to give half of their annual membership fees to the BBLFA to help with start up costs.  Lucky Bear Fishing Charters and Big Bear Charter Fishing have generously offered to voluntarily donate 3 percent of future gross income to underwrite association activities.

Big Bear Cool Cabins has offered to write a check to the BBLFA for every home that is referred and signs onto their rental program.

The fishing association hopes this will motivate all others including:  Mammoth Resorts, fishing businesses, vacation/lodging companies, marinas, activities, restaurants and any other business that wishes to contribute. Personal donations are welcome.

If anyone has any questions, input, or would like to jump on the fish wagon and start making donations please do not hesitate to email the BBFLA at:


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